Change before you have to Jack Welch The greatest danger in times of turbulence
is not the turbulence; it is to act
with yesterday’s logic.
Peter Drucker
You can't build an adaptable organization
without adaptable people - and individuals change
only when they have to, or when they want to.
Gary Hamel
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible. Jonathan Swift The time is always right to do right. Nelson Mandela

"Vision without execution is delusion."



Maria Bartolo Zahra

Maria Bartolo Zahra

Co-Founder & HR Advisor

Maria has over 18 years' experience in human resources and business advisory. Over recent years, Maria has also dedicated her advisory expertise on compensation and reward consultancy.

Joseph F.X. Zahra

Joseph F.X. Zahra


Joe is a Malta based economist with over 35 years of corporate leadership and business consultancy experience.

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