HR consultancy

We offer HR consultancy to organisations of all sizes, including start-ups and long-established businesses. We also work with them on various aspects of their human resources management and development strategy, planning and implementation.

How we do it

We help businesses link their people to their business strategy but we do more than just HR consultancy. In other words, we can do parts of or the entire HR job.

Our experience is vast and varied and the services we offer may include:

  • HR audits and operational reviews to tell you exactly where your company is at risk but we also tell you how to fix it,
  • Leadership development and coaching to help your leaders get to their full potential and, more importantly, ensure their alignment with your business goals,
  • Compensation strategy and planning to help you maximise your team’s performance,
  • Performance management and motivation strategy to ensure you are getting the most out of your people,
  • Employee handbooks and other policy development. This is done to reduce the risk for costly employee relations issues and ensure that employment law is being respected,
  • On-site HR services to handle all or some of your HR-related projects and activities including simply setting up the HR function,
  • Organisation evaluation, design and development to shape the organisation structure and align it with your business purpose,
  • Design of employee engagement and retention plans to understand what motivates and satisfies your employees through tools such as employee engagement surveys and retention and exit interviews,
  • Skills audits and capacity assessments to identify the skills and knowledge that your company requires and identify the skills and knowledge that your company has,
  • Writing of job and position descriptions to communicate expectations and for your employees to understand responsibilities and duties.

We understand that every business is different and thus, requirements are different too. Not seeing your requirement on our list of services? Contact us and find out if we can help you.