Family business consultancy

We provide family business consultancy based on our own experiences working in, and with, family businesses. Additionally, we work with the family members, board and the management team of small, medium to large family-owned companies.

How we help

We deal with issues of governance, remuneration and leadership succession. Therefore, our focus is on aligning the family dynamics and company objectives to ensure long-term business success.

This is done through in-depth reviews and look at their current governance structures and practices. Moreover, we do this review to be able to propose guidelines to implement the change necessary for the next generations.

We support the board, family members and the management team in this development and assist in:

  • setting up company boards as well as potentially identifying Non-Executive Directors to provide an independent view on the direction of the business,
  • developing a family employment and remuneration policy,
  • creating a family advisory board,
  • helping families plan the succession of other family members or other high potential leaders. We also do this by developing protocols to facilitate successful succession.
  • assessing any current corporate governance practices in place in the organisation and provide feedback on the gap analysis (where the organisation stands to where it should stand, in terms of corporate governance),
  • designing and developing an effective corporate governance framework according to the needs, size and stage of the business,
  • formalising business relationships between all family members.

Our broad exposure as well as hands-on experience working in and with family businesses guarantees that we thoroughly understand the challenges that family businesses face, or may face.