Corporate governance consultancy

Organisations are facing constant changes in their business environment. The need to review existing practices to identify whether they are still applicable for today’s business world cannot be ignored. We also understand that organisations are incorporating governance as part of their overall culture. We also offer specific corporate governance consultancy, support and advice at all stakeholder levels: shareholders, directors and management.

Our approach is to work with the boards and senior management of businesses to improve organisational structures and controls, with the aim of improving decision-making.

How we help

We do this by gaining an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the challenges you are or may be facing. Our advisory service may include:

  • Composition, structure and diversity of board of directors, board committees and executive committee membership,
  • Development of terms of reference, policies and methodologies and procedures,
  • Managing meetings and conflicts in the board,
  • Development of corporate secretariat function,
  • Succession planning,
  • Effectiveness of board performance.

We have the track record of working with organisations by offering focussed and practical corporate governance solutions. This has provided us with the necessary skills and experience to review current organisational practices and advise companies, including small family businesses to large corporates, on their corporate governance reforms. We are proud of our hands-on experience in assisting clients to implement our recommendations.