Leadership development

Leadership development provides organisations with a competitive edge. Your top people need to be in line with your strategy to be able to deliver results. If the leadership team’s skills do not match the demands of their role, then it is very unlikely that they will succeed. This is even more so in such a complex and ever-changing business environment. Leading an organisation requires constant dedication. It also requires commitment and time to understand the changes that are occurring and how these are affecting the business.

These changes may also require leaders to change their leadership styles and understand how they relate and work with their teams and other colleagues. Leadership development plays a very important role in this aspect – developing leaders through transformational change.

We work with your Chief Executives, leadership team, individual leaders or HR professionals to help develop and retain leaders and the leadership team itself.

How we help

We take an integrated and holistic approach which includes:

  • identifying and understanding the knowledge, skills and competences your leadership team has. We do this by understanding the fundamentals of the leadership team of each organisation and what the capability of the leadership team is to perform their best. We also look at the leadership potential of each and every individual.
  • proposing and recommending different interventions to reduce the skills gap and to align the leadership team with your strategic goals. We do this by designing and developing a leadership programme, customised according to the needs of the leadership team.
  • providing the necessary coaching and mentoring, as well as workshops, to the leadership team. We ensure that we deliver a learning experience through engagement and different approaches to learning and development.

We meet with business leaders on a daily business. This means that we understand what skills leaders need to have in today’s business world. Despite this, our approach is flexible and tailored to the needs of the business, the context in which the business operates in and the leadership team.