Coaching for Board Directors

Professionalism in the boardroom plays an important part in the success of organisations of any size. Leading, through chairpersons, and participating, through board directors, in the boardroom may be complex and challenging.

Through our own experience and exposure to various boards, we support individual’s development in their role as chairpersons or board directors. This is done by focusing on developing their organisational performance, achieving their goals and ultimately, to grown in their role. We also focus on the key aspects of board behavioural dynamics.

We work with chairpersons, CEOs, executive and non-executive directors from businesses of all sectors including non-for-profit organisations. Coaching and mentoring newly-appointed executives or board potential executives is also our passion. Our experience also helps us provide insight and a strategic yet practical perspective on how to handle boardroom complexities.

How we help

Every business we work with is unique. We offer bespoke coaching according to the current situation of the business, the personalities of the persons and the areas of development needed.

In today’s business climate, chairpersons and board directors are also accountable for the evaluation of their effectiveness. This also includes their strengths and areas for development. For this reason, we also create mock advisory boards and committees. Through these mock boards and committees, we provide feedback and analyses of strengths and weaknesses of such meetings. This includes a thorough independent external review of the board. We are well-aware of the challenges that chairpersons and board of directors face. This is why we conduct such exercises in a sensitive and confidential manner.

We also assist organisations in their board succession planning to provide the organisation with a dynamic and diverse long-term view for the organisation’s future.

We have thorough experience in the formation and coaching of board members and we share this with our clients.