The manager employees stay for

Employee satisfaction directly affects customer satisfaction, thus positively affecting our business results.

Satisfied employees stay with the business. Recognition is one of the drivers to employee satisfaction. Employees desire recognition every single day.

Recognition can come in a variety of forms: emails, verbal praise, handwritten thank you sticky notes and other tangible rewards. Recognition signifies the company’s value in its employees and it is the managers’ role to lead this.

Managers need to ask themselves whether they are doing enough to make sure their employees stay.

  • Do you listen to your staff or do you talk more than you listen?
  • Do you think your team members find you approachable?
  • Does your behaviour reflect your role as a manager and what you expect out of your team?
  • Does every team member know what is really expected out of them by the company, and by you?
  • Do you share the required and necessary information with your team?
  • Do you know what your team members’ career aspirations are or what they are hoping to achieve in their role within your team?
  • Did you devise a plan with your team members to develop them?
  • Do you allow your employees to take decisions by themselves?
  • Do you let your employees take initiative and make suggestions on improvements to the team or work processes?

Self-awareness is always important and a manager cannot lead and manage his/her team if s/he doesn’t work on her/himself. Evaluating where you stand with your people, from time to time, will make you aware of what type of relationship you have with them. Above all, it will help you recognise them for their work and be the manager employees stay for.

About the author

Maria Bartolo Zahra is Managing Director and HR Advisor at SurgeAdvisory. She has over fifteen years of human resources and business advisory experience.